You might not think developers and construction workers have a lot in common, but we do.

Who we are...

Our team, like yours, is the sum of many diverse parts. We are a collection of safety oriented engineers, keen-eyed designers, disciplined quality assurance people, passionate marketers and business development professionals, advanced researchers and technology innovators. We come together, just like your team does on the job site, to leverage our unique skills and bring a vision to reality.

What we do...

Simply put, we develop solutions that help provide peace of mind. FallSafety Pro and FallSafety Service are designed specifically for those who work at height and are trusted and deployed in a wide range of industries including construction, mining, manufacturing, oil field services, retail, and service industries. We have thoroughly tested our solutions and have the utmost confidence that they will perform when you need them most.

How we do it...

By working with Safety Managers, Safety Coordinators, Director’s of Safety, EHS Specialists and other professionals who work to ensure the health and safety of their teams on a job site, we endeavor to make workplaces safer. FallSafety Pro and FallSafety Service are unique in concept and function, providing significant benefits for safety, efficiency and employee morale.

Our philosophy...

We want to make a positive difference, and improve the lives of many, by working towards the goal of safer workplaces.

Our request...

If you believe in the good work we are doing, please share the word with others who can benefit from our safety solutions.

Customer Spotlight

We Are Known For

FallSafety Innovative Safety Solutions

Innovative Solutions

Using the latest proven processes & technologies we can build effective solutions for the workforce.

FallSafety Trusted Service

Trusted Service

By regularly testing our service and verifying its availability we and you can sleep more easily at night.

FallSafety Affordable Pricing

Affordable Pricing

The quality of our solution is very high. At the same time, we work hard to keep our prices affordable for everyone who can benefit from our solutions.