Tidyware To Debut New “Man Down” Feature In FallSafety Pro
At 2016 National Safety Council Congress & Expo

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Tidyware To Debut New “Man Down” Feature In FallSafety Pro
At 2016 National Safety Council Congress & Expo

5-star rated jobsite safety app features intelligent fall detection and automatic alerts via email, phone and text to emergency contacts.

Bellevue, WA - October 17, 2016 - FallSafety Pro for Android and iOS addresses the number one cause of death in construction accidents by providing intelligent fall detection and automatic alerts via phone, email, and texts to work teams, safety managers, and loved ones.

After a fall is detected, an alarm sounds and the worker has 45 seconds to signal they are ok before emergency contacts are alerted. If an alarm is not canceled, FallSafety Pro triggers phone calls, emails, and texts with precise GPS-location information to the worker's emergency contacts.

299,000 workplace falls lead to serious injury or death each year, and in emergency situations response time matters. FallSafety Pro is designed to speed response which can positively impact outcomes.

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With the introduction of “Man Down” detection, FallSafety Pro provides additional monitoring and assistance to manage risk beyond falls, addressing emergency communication needs for lone workers, night shift, and remote workers, as well as situations of extreme heat, across large facilities, and other dangerous working conditions.

“We designed FallSafety Pro to address a very specific need - speeding response time in the case of a fall emergency. It’s use by roofers, lineman, oil field workers, framers, window cleaners, and other skilled professionals has uncovered other safety issues our solution can help address. The launch of Man Down mode further enhances protection for workers and provides employers with additional peace of mind, all for pennies a day,” notes Tidyware Founder and former Nokia and Microsoft Development Manager Philip Carmichael.

FallSafety Pro is designed for individuals and organizations, and the built-in Safety Dashboard provides access to straightforward and easy to use monitoring tools that make managing the solution simple for both small and large teams.

FallSafety Pro is available for free in Google Play and the iTunes App Store. FallSafety Service, a subscription service available online or in-app, increases the number of emergency contacts and communication methods, further enhancing safety efforts.

Details on plans and additional benefits are available at https://www.fallsafetyapp.com.

Those attending the NSC Congress & Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA (October 17-19) are encouraged to visit the FallSafety Pro booth (#3304) for a demo and additional information on deploying the solution within their organization.

Tidyware, LLC is a technology startup focused on safety solutions.