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What kinds of falls does FallSafety Pro detect?
FallSafety Pro is designed for professionals who work at height (on roofs, ladders, scaffolding, etc.). For this reason, FallSafety Pro detects larger falls and impacts while filtering out smaller events to help reduce false alarms on job sites. We test a number of fall events and would be happy to let you know more details.

How does FallSafety Pro work?
FallSafety Pro provides fall detection and impact detection by combining information from a phone's sensors into recognized patterns that indicate a fall.

Does FallSafety call 911 in case of an incident?
FallSafety Pro will call the emergency contact(s) that you list within the app. Automated solutions, including FallSafety Pro, are not allowed to call 911 directly.

How can I test FallSafety Pro to see how it sends notifications to my emergency contacts?
One of the ways you can test FallSafety Pro is to have the app running and drop your phone on a soft sofa or bed from 4½ feet. This is a free fall test and doesn't take impact into account.

If you just want to test the notifications and not drop your phone you can use our Test the App feature located in the menu. The Test the App feature walks you through what occurs after a fall is detected and notifies your emergency contacts that the messages they are receiving are only a test.

How does the team that makes FallSafety Pro test the app?
FallSafety Pro has over 100 tests that are used to see that the app is detecting falls properly and also recognizing patterns that are false alarms.

Should I manually stop FallSafety Pro from running on the weekends or when I'm not using it?
FallSafety Pro does use the phone battery even when paused. You can leave the app running unless you find the battery is an issue.

If you want to stop FallSafety Pro or any other app from running on your iPhone, see; for Android, see

How much does FallSafety Pro cost?
The FallSafety Pro app is free. The FallSafety Service subscription, which adds additional functionality including voice and text notifications, costs $6.99 per user per month.

Tiered pricing is available for medium / large organizations by calling +1-888-345-9118.

Is there a version of FallSafety Pro for Android?
FallSafety is compatible with many Android phones that shipped since October 2015 and are running Android versions 6 or newer. Many Motorola phones shipped prior to October 2015 are also compatible.

Try FallSafety for free on your Android phone to see if it is compatible. Download FallSafety Pro from the Google Play store. Built-in diagnostics will let you know if your phone is not compatible as part of the sign-up process.

You can view a partial list of compatible fall detection Android devices on our website. If you have any questions about Android phone compatibility, please reach out to our friendly FallSafety support team.

Does FallSafety Pro work properly when running in the background?
Yes. We have designed and tested FallSafety Pro to work in the background reliably and believe this is one of the features that sets FallSafety Pro apart.

Does location need to be enabled for FallSafety Pro?
Location does need to be enabled in order for FallSafety Pro to work properly in the background.

Does FallSafety Pro need an internet connection?
FallSafety Pro does need an internet connection during usage. FallSafety Pro works with both cellular and wi-fi internet data connections.

What happens if FallSafey Pro loses its internet connection?
If there is no internet connection available, FallSafety Pro will let you know with a "No Service" notification.

The FallSafety Service includes a manual check-in capability where a person can call in using a satellite phone, for example, to schedule a check-in. If they miss a manual check-in, then emergency contacts are alerted. If you would like a demo of manual check-ins, just let us know. We would be happy to schedule a demonstration.

Is FallSafety Pro power and data hungry?
FallSafety Pro runs well for people who use it about 12 hours per day. Any more than that and you may have to recharge your phone sometime during the day.

Regarding data use, FallSafety Pro sends a relatively small amount of data to the FallSafety Service (if you are subscribed) every 10 minutes to let the service know the app is running as part of the automatic check-in process. This amount of data is small and does not include a person’s location.

Can FallSafety Pro sensitivity be adjusted?
FallSafety Pro sensitivity cannot be adjusted in the app. We are considering adding that feature. Please let us know more about how you are using the app and when a false alarm happens.

I want to join an organization and the organization join request is still pending. Who can I reach out to in order to have that Join status accepted?
You should contact one of your organization administrators to get them to approve your join request.

I am subscribed to the FallSafety Service but don't need the Start App Reminders. Can I turn off the Start App Reminders?
We recommend that you leave the start app reminders enabled if you would like falls detected more reliably. If you would still like the reminders disabled, you can find an on/off toggle and a reminder time setting for the Start App Reminders by going into the Menu > Settings option.

Do I have to unlock my phone and navigate to FallSafety Pro to dismiss a fall detected alarm?
If you get a notification of a fall detected and your phone is locked then you can swipe the FallSafety Pro notification on the locked screen and go straight into the app to dismiss an alarm.

In the case of a big fall where the phone may sustain damage will the App still function properly?
In the event of a big fall the phone may be damaged. In this case, if the screen is cracked, but the phone can still connect to the internet, then emergency contacts will be notified.

Is the fall detection in FallSafety Pro improving over time?
FallSafety Pro is improved regularly. We continue to add to the number of test cases to test that that the app works well for automatic fall detection. With version 2 of FallSafety Pro, for example, we added the detection of a pendulum swing fall when someone is using fall arrest equipment.

Do I need to check in manually when using FallSafety Pro?
FallSafety Pro provides automatic check-ins. The automatic check-ins are every 10 minutes that indicate that FallSafety Pro is running in the background. If you need more check-in functionality please let us know to discuss your requirements. We may have a solution.

Does FallSafety Pro detect if a person is unconscious or not moving?
FallSafety Pro has a feature we refer to as, Man Down, which works by detecting inactivity when the phone is near horizontal. You can configure how long a person needs to be inactive before the man down pre-alarm starts (which comes before the regular countdown alarm). This may cover the scenario where a person has been incapacitated for whatever reason.

What are the advantages of using a solution like FallSafety Pro compared to building our own in-house solution?
We have found through our own experience that the decision to buy versus build a safety solution is pretty clear. The cost of building your own solution, testing, running, and maintaining it is most likely significantly more than using a more mature existing service that is already priced affordably.

Do you need to carry my iPhone to run FallSafety on the Apple Watch?
FallSafety Pro for Apple Watch currently acts as a remote control for the iPhone app. As a result, the iPhone must be carried on a person's body. We are trying to find a good person to work with at Apple to help us get at least one necessary small change to watch OS3 in order for the watch solution to work well standalone (i.e. iPhone not required to be on the body if the Watch is on Wi-Fi).

How does the Apple Watch currently act as a remote control?
FallSafety Pro for Apple Watch uses alerts on the watch to notify you about changes to FallSafety Pro for iPhone status including alarms. Please give it a try. The functionality can be test driven for free. You can use the "Test the App" menu item on your iPhone to see and hear what the Apple Watch does.

Does FallSafety have a panic button feature?
FallSafety Pro does not currently have a panic/SOS button. If we were to add one, we would want to make sure it is incorporated well for easy access.

It appears SOS functionality is coming built-in on iPhones in the future. It is currently being tested in India. See

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